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Fundraising Coaching Program


After you’re done with the workshop, you will know how to…

  • Find powerful investors who are looking to pull a chunk of their money out of the stock market and invest in startups and small businesses.

    I’ll show you 3 little known places you can find these types of investors hiding online and in your area.

    Plus, I’ll show you how to get them to agree to sit down with you.

    (Even if it’s just an idea at this point)
  • Give a compelling answer to The #1 Question every Investor has on their mind when you’re pitching them, but they won’t ask you.

    If you don’t answer this one question in your pitch without being asked about it - you will walk out of 99% of your presentations empty-handed.
  • ​Avoid the 4 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs and CEOs make when they speak to potential investors.

    These mistakes are all disguised as “good” strategies - but they’re outdated and almost always lead to a “No, thanks” from investors.
  • ​Strategically position your business/idea/product in a unique way that gets investors to sign the paperwork and wire you the money.

    After raising over $100 million and creating hundreds of pitch decks…

    ...The biggest difference between getting a “No, thanks” and a big check in your hand comes down to the way you craft your positioning (aka Value Proposition).

    I’ll let you take a look at my battle-tested formula for creating a winning Value Proposition for yourself.
  • ​Plus a lot more to help you raise the funding you need to grow and scale your business.
The workshop starts Thursday November 19th at 12:00PM PST.

It’s 100% free and “Zoom Seats” are limited.

Plus, this might be the only time I host this workshop for free.

So secure your seat now.

I will see you inside the workshop!

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